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New member
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Joined: Oct 2010
Chandler, AZ
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    New member

    I ran across this website while searching for 71 mustang information. I have enjoyed the site a lot and decided to register. Its nice to see a site devoted to the 71-73 mustang only!
    I am an electronic technician in Chandler Arizona. I have had three Mach 1 since I graduated high school in 1987. I did complete restorations on all of them and the one I have now I just finished in May of this year. When I bought the car in 2002 I did not realize that it was the very same car that was owned by one of my classmates when I was a junior in high school. He used to bring it into the auto shop class and we would do projects on it. It was the car that got me interested in Mustangs. When I took the dash apart during restoration I found his insurance card and application for custom license plates.
    The car was originally dark green metallic with argent and a ginger interior.
    I decided to make the car look like the one used in the 1971 James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever. Everything is concours correct except the color change on the paint and interior. The only thing I added was ram air. Everything else is just the way it left the factory.

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    Call Me a Cab

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      Post: #2
      RE: New member

      WELCOME aboard, Dennis!

      It would appear you have put a lot of time and effort into your restoration - - GREAT job!!

      I am glad you decided to register and really look forward to interacting with you on the forums.

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      One Too Many

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      Selma Al
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        RE: New member

        Welcome to the forum.Great work More photos ?
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        My world is fire and blood.

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          RE: New member

          ah that is a thing of beauty Big Grin welcome.
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            RE: New member

            Welcome to the forums! That is one clean Mach 1! Glad to have you aboard!

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              Post: #6
              RE: New member

              Welcome to the club, Dennis!

              That is one fine looking ride, and it reflects the hard work put into it. Nice job!

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              I'll Lock Up

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                RE: New member

                very nice welcome
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                One Too Many

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                  Post: #8
                  RE: New member

                  That is one clean car. Nice work.Welcome aboard the more the merrier.
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                    RE: New member

                    Love the color, looks like a new delivery. Great work and welcome
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                    I'll Lock Up

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                      Post: #10
                      RE: New member

                      Welcome Dennis.

                      Nice car!
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