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Keeping the Trunk Open
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72 Azure

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    question Keeping the Trunk Open

    The trunk on my 72' coupe won't stay propped up because I don't have a torsion bar in at the moment. Could anyone post some photos of how the torsion bar fits to keep the trunk up? Also I found a video on youtube of a guy who put a spoiler on a 72' coupe and in order to keep the trunk up more efficiently, he put in 2 torsion bars. Would that be the best thing to do when I put on a spoiler?
    Thanks in advance.
    Away 12-31-2010 12:50 AM
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      RE: Keeping the Trunk Open

      I think there is a way to adjust the torsion rods to accommodate the spoiler or there may be a heavier rod for the application. I have to get to the car to take some pics, but someone else may already have some to post...
      Offline 12-31-2010 08:52 AM
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      Practically Family

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        RE: Keeping the Trunk Open

        With mine in the middle slot it barely stays open. I thought I tightened them all the way. They may have slipped or thats as tight as I could get them. I remember it wasn't any fun. Should be able to make a tool to help. Larger rod may be the way to go.

        [Image: th_IMG_0739.jpg]

        [Image: th_IMG_0738.jpg]

        [Image: th_IMG_0741.jpg]
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          RE: Keeping the Trunk Open

          O bad memories, somebody once posted a tool that helps you move the bars without killing yourself it was a bar with 2 holes in it. I was never able to find it online.

          I ended up using a locking plier and brute force, it slipped once and nearly blinded me.
          Thankfully I was wearing goggles.

          Those springs are not fun to deal with at all. I found even fully torsioned in the highest spot it would just hold the trunk open with a spoiler.

          The story I've heard is, if the car came with a spoiler from the factory you got a heavier torsion rod. Everyone else got the standard 2 rods.

          To correctly setup the rods they should be torsioned so when you pop the key, the lid should rise up about 6 inches by itself.

          There should also be an anti rattle clip that holds both rods together in the center, I just keeps the rods from making noise where they touch in the cross over.

          Be really careful when installing them wear a thick long sleeve shirt and goggles. When the springs slip back off and just let it pop and then try again. Use a piece of wood to prop up the trunk lid also. Keep it open fully.

          What makes the springs dangerous is you have to twist them 180 degrees from one end to the other to fit them into the mounts that twist is what gives the power to open the trunk lid. Once you start to torsion the spring it holds a lot of force and at that point it can slip out of your hand or out of the mount holding the end, once it starts to slip in a nano second it will pop and release all its energy, don't be there when that happens.
          Offline 12-31-2010 11:43 AM
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