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Interior Paint/dye
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    Interior Paint/dye

    The interior (quarter trim panels, door panels, headliner, trim pieces, etc.) in my '72 Mach 1 is all new in white. A few of the interior pieces (such as door pulls, "door handle cups") have to be painted white to match the rest of the interior. I purchased a can of white 1969-73, ACCUMATCH Interior Paint (see p. 15 in the CJPonyparts catalogue) thinking it would match my new interior pieces. But I was wrong. The paint is much whiter than the new interior pieces in white and sticks out like a sore thumb. Is there another shade of white I need to use to match the new interior? Thanks for any help you can give..
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      RE: Interior Paint/dye


      See the document I placed in the WIKI:

      I sure hope it helps ya! Ray
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        RE: Interior Paint/dye

        I've had good luck purchasing pints / quarts of interior paint & dye created from the Ditzler code at local automotive paint stores. They should be able to cross reference the code and come up with the mix for either dye or acrylic paint. If you take the car, they can scan a section of interior panel and adjust it on the spot. Cost is probably the same you paid for one can plus shipping.
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          RE: Interior Paint/dye

          The best thing you can do is to take a piece from the interior and have dye custom mixed.

          My interior is blue and I tried two different well known brands who claimed that the dye was "an exact match" and it was not even close. One was way too dark, the other way too light. I finally took a piece to a paint shop, and they managed to eyeball a color that I would say is a 95% match.

          My console now has 3 different coats of paint on it... but at least its the right color! Big Grin
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