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    Hey guys! Hopefully someone answers this soon cause I want to drop my engine in tomorrow but I'm having motor mount issues! Basically my problem is with the rubber/steel bracket that attaches to the engine. I have both 7/16" x 4" and 3/8" x 4" bolts to slide through the frame bracket but the 7/16" barely won't fit and the 3/8" fits but has a good amount of play? Which should I used? The engine is just a 302 stroker. Can anyone check the size of theirs on any small block car???
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      RE: HELP QUIK!

      I'd think that you would want it pretty snug, and amount of play may cause the engine to 'clunk' on its mounts. Someone else may have a better answer faster...I can check mine when I get to the garage tomorrow.
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        RE: HELP QUIK!

        well i'm no help i did this 3 years ago, and i used a AMK kit that came with the engine bolts labeled so i don't know what size they are.

        i did have to hammer mine in due to how tight the replacement rubber isolators were Sad

        use the tighter fitting bolt.
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          RE: HELP QUIK!

          Engine mount to frame bracket through bolts are 3/8" X 4 11/16" flange head bolt with a flanged locking nut. The slop will be gone when you tighten the bolts.
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