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    WTF? It's Sept. 1st and I just heard that Wal-Mart is already rolling out the Halloween stuff! That's 2 full months away! I bet the Christmas trees aren't far behind! LOL

    What is this world coming to? Huh
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      RE: Halloween?

      HA! My mother works for those bastages, in the grocery area and she told me yesterday that they have 10 pallets of candy in the backroom waiting to go out for Halloween and they have been there for almost 6 weeks now.

      As for Christmas I was in the local HobbyLobby around Aug 5 and they already had all of their Christmas trees, decorations and displays out. Better than last year when they had it all out buy July 15 and I somewhat loudly stood in the middle of the store and announced "WTF? It's not even Aug and you greedy bastards are shoving Christmas down our throats?" then put down the merchandise I was going to buy and walked out.
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        RE: Halloween?

        WHAT?! You mean the Christmas stuff isn't up YET?! It's already September!! Sacrilege!

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          RE: Halloween?

          I always hated seeing the "Back to School Special" ads when I was a kid and it was May...
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