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Grant Steering Wheel Electrical Problem
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    Grant Steering Wheel Electrical Problem

    Hi, I have a problem with the fitting of a grant steering wheel kit and wonder if anyone can help? My model is a 71 351 4V fastback.

    After removing standard wheel, and fitting grant adaptor kit, (kit number 3249 for year 70/78) everything went together well, nothing seemed out of place yet upon using the horn push, instead of operating the horns, it operates the lights on warning buzzer, also when I drive the car as I turn the wheel it is, I think, shorting out the relay for the lights (located somewhere underneath the glovebox).

    Upon removing the kit, once again I can't see anything wrong, refit the old wheel and everything works perfectly. I've tried this a number of times with no success,on studying the column with the wheel removed, I can obviously see the two contacts for the horn rings and some of the ignition wiring. None of it is out of place or worn through etc, I honestly cannot see why there would be an issue with the lights relay and warning buzzer, I'm sure none of the wiring related to this is in the column.

    Does anybody have any experience with the grant kits, are there any known issues, I did wonder if I'd been given the wrong kit mislabelled but the contacts seemed to line up with the horn rings under the Boss, everything seems to fit OK to be honest. I also wondered if my car may have an earlier column as even though it is a 71 model, it was built in November 70.

    I really can't see why I'm having problems with this, nothing is trapped or chafing, everything seems to line up, I am absolutely puzzled, Leon at Mustangs Unlimited has very kindly offered me a replacement kit. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.          
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      RE: Grant Steering Wheel Electrical Problem

      put some electrical tape over the contacts for the turn signal switch and on the other side where you have that white piece of tape put some electrical tape over the area to the left of it, Do not touch the 2 spring loaded contacts those are for the horn.

      you might also be missing a spacer its been 5 years since i had a grant steering wheel but i remember a spacer that went before the adapter.
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