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Front spoiler mounting pics
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    Front spoiler mounting pics

    Can someone take some pics of how the front spoiler is supposed to attach on a 71 Mach 1. Preferrably a factory mounted one.

    I apparently bought the last argent moulded front spoiler a while back from Tony Branda and it did not come with a mounting kit. I bought the bolt kit, but there are no instructions.
    Darkhorse has an excellent write-up, but I sure would like to see some photos where it attaches along the bottom and especially on the ends of the spoiler. I have a pack of small sheet metal screws for the bottom and bolts for the ends.

    Thanks in advance.

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      RE: Front spoiler mounting pics

      It's a little different on everyones car. The way I did it was if you have a factory front valance you will notice 3 pre drilled holes. One in the center and 2 out towards the turn signal lights.

      Use those to line up and mount the front of the spoiler.

      Next place masking tape over the area on the sides of the valance, I believe you measure 2 inches front the where the valance and fender bolt together, down and that's the mark for the side bolts.

      I rememberer I measured then adjusted where I wanted it, then I came down with a caliper and marked them even on both sides and drilled.

      Once I tightened from the center out to the sides I drilled the secondary holes.

      I remember having a clearance issue with two of the outer bolts the spoiler sort of falls over the area of the bumper brackets and I had to trim a little of the spoiler. I was told this is correct if installed like factory there is a clearance problem and you have to shave some material off.

      I can take a picture of mine however somebody incorrectly installed a aftermarket spoiler on my car skewed and I installed a new spoiler later and corrected it, so I have some extra holes that shouldn't be there underneath
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