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Engine work
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    Post: #1
    Engine work

    Machine shop let me know about damage... Metal wiped 2-cam lobes, mainbearings gone and 3rod bearings. Will need cam and crank kits, hone cylinders. Will findout about heads on thursday.
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      Post: #2
      RE: Engine work

      Well, as a newbie it looks like a complete engine rebuild, except that maybe the heads might have made it through OK?

      So, what are your plans? A stock rebuild? Or now that you've unbuttoned everything, maybe a bit of cam or bore and stroke or anything along those lines?

      For my rebuild, I'm planning some significant mods but nothing for the strip really, so I'm interested in your rebuild and plans.

      Do you have 2V or 4V heads?

      Good luck!

      Offline 09-28-2010 07:50 PM
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        Post: #3
        RE: Engine work

        that is depressing, i will make a suggestion that will cost some more money but may give you a piece of mind.

        Ask them if they will dyno the motor, or can dyno the motor for a fee,,, if the engine blows up on the dyno its the builders problem because you didn't take delivery. if the motor blows up in the car on the first drive with no dyno then its your problem.

        so example its easy today to wipe a cam during break in. if it doesn't go on the dyno you will be good to go.
        Offline 09-28-2010 10:15 PM
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          RE: Engine work

          OUTSTANDING suggestion regarding dynoing the engine!!

          It will add a bit to the cost but is certainly worth the "peace of mind" in the long run.

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          One Too Many

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            Post: #5
            RE: Engine work

            I agree if you can get it broken in on the dyno all the better thats what I did.I think there is a video of my engines breakin in the video gallery.
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