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Engine Starting Techniques and Advice
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    Engine Starting Techniques and Advice

    We all know that some of these big old engines can be cold hearted. I'd like to hear some starting advice from others. Right now I usually give it a shot of gas and then turn the key feathering the pedal as needed but it still takes two tries sometimes and the second try might result in a slow start (chugging and grunting to a full idle) I'd like to get it to the point where it fires strong on the first try! LOL
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      RE: Engine Starting Techniques and Advice

      All cars are different, but what has worked for me is before turning the key, give it 2 good pumps of the gas pedal then hold the pedal open about a 1/4" while you turn the key, as soon as it fires give it some gas to keep the rpms up. If your choke is working it should stay running now, if it is disconnected or it doesnt have one you may have to keep your foot in it for a while.
      Electronic ignition especially with an amplifier box like MSD does wonders for cold start.
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        RE: Engine Starting Techniques and Advice

        Good topic! I've been fiddling with my auto choke for the last couple of weekends. The engine was very hard to start when cold, even after pumping the gas many times. I finally took the carb off and checked the choke housing with the spring inside. The lever inside the black plastic housing was actually rubbing the inside of the housing making the choke butterfly hard to flip. It was an easy fix with a pair of pliers. I put it back together and it starts right up now when cold with one pump of the pedal and foot off the gas when starting. Once it starts I may have to blip the gas pedal a couple of times. I may need to adjust it again since it is a little harder to start when hot now. This is on my six banger, so the V-8's may be a little different.

        This is a little blurry, but here is a pic of a spare carb I have, so it is not cleaned up. The choke housing is on the left side
        [Image: DSCF7046.jpg]
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