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Deer Hockey
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    Deer Hockey

    I just got checked by at least three deer Friday night after work! I was driving home in the Cobalt SS and I saw a deer jump out a few feet in front of my, followed by another that was right in front of me! I hit her and flipped her up over the hood just as another one checked me right in the driver's side door!

    The car did good, only suffering a broken upper and lower grille and a grapefruit sized dent in the lower driver's door. There are also a few small dings in the door area and one on the fender but all in all, I was lucky! At least one deer was not so lucky as she lay dead in a pile of my broken grille pieces!

    Insurance company said deer hits are rampant this time of the year. Archery is in and spotters are out getting them all stirred up. Plus the arrival of cold weather gets them moving. Be alert out there! This is war against the animal world! LOL
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      RE: Deer Hockey

      Been lucky here this year. No points to my credit, but have seen many on the sides of the roads so somebody has not been so lucky. They are starting to be really active here now.
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        RE: Deer Hockey

        I hit a 4-point 300lb Mule Deer in Green River, Utah about this time in 2000. I was doing 70-ish in my Ram and the deer stepped right out in front of me. Sent it off the road about 50 feet - but only broke a headlight and dented the bumper on the Ram.

        Conversely, I've seen the dog-sized white tails in West Texas total out full-size cars and minivans.

        Yes - be careful and vigilant.
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