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boss 351 hood paint details
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    boss 351 hood paint details

    on the it gives great details on most of the mach 1, however not of the boss 351.

    my dad is a original owner of a boss 351 and i like the scheme better than the mach 1 so i want to know the paint scheme of them so it'll match correctly. this last time, it was painted like a boss 351 but all the paint is already gone to even tell where the details were. and besides, some of the stripes were wavy or crooked.

    any info on the boss 351 paint scheme would be appreciated, i cant find them after an hour of internet surfing.
    08-20-2010 12:43 AM
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      RE: boss 351 hood paint details

      GOOGLE is your friend. Boss 351 hood paint.. 2 seconds.
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        RE: boss 351 hood paint details

        wow, aol search engine suck! cuz i searched for a long time and couldn't find sheeeet.

        thanks for the help!
        08-20-2010 12:52 PM
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          RE: boss 351 hood paint details

          You're right, xoliex, "AOL search engine sucks". GOOGLE is the one I use exclusively, and I've found it a lot easier to ask as detailed a question as possible, focusing on the most important terms. I am rarely unable to get the answer (or close to the answer) to my question.

          30 years ago, when I first tried my hand at "souping up" cars, I had my friends, the guy who owned the local gas station/garage, and whatever library book related to lawnmowers or picturebooks of exotic foreign imports to refer to in my quest for increased horsepower for my '74 Nova. We've come a long way since then.

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